What I Know, Feel, Think, Dream, and Realize
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2017-07-01 16:07:00 (UTC)

Journal it's gotten worse. I ..

Journal it's gotten worse. I can't speak to my friends and soon my family. This is scaring me I don't want this anymore I can't deal with this I just can;t please help me someone please do something I'm tired of this I want to go hangout again. Give me back those dumb annoying phone calls again. I am sick of this I don't want this anymore help me for the love of god please help me. I feel like I'm going crazy I'm forgetting everything and this sad feeling god this sad feeling pisses me off so fucking much it makes me want to fucking die I hate this sadness I hate this unknown weight that I feel everyday I want my life back. I want to stop feeling these sad emotions I want to be normal again. I want to speak out to people. I want to talk, but I just can't. I need to speak to my Psychiatrist or someone who's a professional and I need to show them this. This Journal is my only hope I think. My only way to speak out what I can't say to others. I want to be okay again.

My name is and I'm constantly forgetting things and often get these heavy feelings of sadness and worry. I don't know why or how they happen only that they make life difficult. These journal entries are my only way to speak out to others and to say what I've been feeling. I cannot express nor say what I feel in any other way. This is come to a point where I have difficulties speaking to my close friends and I fear soon my family as well. I am not eating right and I do not sleep because of this. At least that's what I am assuming to be the situation

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