What I Know, Feel, Think, Dream, and Realize
2017-06-26 12:38:00 (UTC)

Hey Journal, Sorry for not being ..

Hey Journal, Sorry for not being consistent with typing in you. I just haven't been feeling like myself lately. So how have you been? I know I left you alone for quite awhile so let's catch up. I watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 which was an amazing movie. I enjoyed it very much. I think other stuff happened, but I don't really remember. You know of the reasons why I started this journal was to remind myself of things just in case I forget them. I feel as if my memory is getting worse, but I doubt it'll come to me forgetting who I am and other crap like that. Summer is still just as boring and lonely as ever. My sister yesterday told me I'll appreciate the loneliness and quietness when I get a job, but I'm not sure that's right, well not right to me anyway. Look, coming from someone who's spent too much time lone, I myself know that being alone isn't great and I'd much rather be around others. And when I do get invited, I end up not going and staying alone. My mind and body choose to stay like that. Loneliness is like a drug. I want to quit it and stop it, but it's too addicting. The drug has me locked deep inside of it and no matter all my escape attempts, it always manages to lock me back inside. But I guess this is what I chose, oh well, guess I just got to sit and wait to see what happens. Later

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