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2017-06-22 23:51:00 (UTC)

What's up journal? Well, we finally ..

What's up journal? Well, we finally finished that movie. It was lots of fun and I had a good time. I did however get food poisoning from my character's "lunch" that consisted of two slices of whole wheat bread and lettuce in between, but still was really fun. Soon the editing will be done and the screening of the movie will happen. So excited for that. The people were really cool and nice. I do hope we become friends. Though this may come off rude, I'm glad Damon didn't go because I feel like that's not his type of crowd and would maybe drag me off to be with him away from them. We have different views of things and that's okay with me, I don't mind it much, but I do hope he grows and matures more but I doubt that means anything coming from me. Hey journal, can I tell you something? A while back we had a barbecue and we had my brothers and my sister there and I wasn't feeling too good, so I went to sleep. Next thing I know my room looks white and I hear my family happily yelling and as I sat there on my floor rubbing my head and eyes. That one single moment I felt peace with myself and everything. Such a tranquil feeling that if I had died that moment, I wouldn't have any regrets. It was almost like if I was in heaven. My sister comes into the room and tells me "Hey come on get up. We're all playing UNO come on." In my mind I thought when I walked out my door and into the kitchen I would transcend to heaven or something. That was a beautiful feeling and I'm glad I could tell you Journal. Anyway it's getting pretty late. I'll talk to you later. Bye