What I Know, Feel, Think, Dream, and Realize
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2017-06-19 16:31:00 (UTC)

Yo, it's me again. So you must be ..

Yo, it's me again. So you must be wondering why I'm writing again the same day, well first of all, there shouldn't be anything wrong with that it's like watching one more episode of your favorite show even though you swore you wouldn't watch another one. No bad comes from it and everything turns out fine. Anyway how have you been since I last wrote? Probable nothing considering you're just a computer journal. Sorry for reminding you of it. Though there isn't anything wrong with that you have tons of uses and generally people have good things to say about you so be proud of it. I guess I should stop messing around and type something actually useful for if somebody were to read this. At the moment I guess I'm fine. Very hot and sweating, but overall mode just fine. I still obviously f eel bad and a little depressed but I don't really understand why. I used to think because I figured out that not one person is special. Okay of topic for a bit, think of this: picture yourself in a football stadium and every single seat is filled. When you look to the people so far across from you, they look like tiny specs. And that's just a part of the whole word. That "big" stadium filled with people is not even close to being half of one percent of the world's population. Any single person can die there and it wouldn't change anything. Hell, the whole stadium could die and nothing would change. All these people and no one is more important or more useful than anyone. We're all just meaningless specs on a big planet. What are we doing here? Why is such a useless race the most important ones on the planet? Anyway that's what I think. What was I talking about again? Oh well I got bored anyways. Peace out Journal