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2017-07-07 20:45:27 (UTC)

Everyone breaks a lesson

So me and Kimberly are having last day of school, and my phone just texted from Eric: "Eric, you tried to fucking cheating me again? How shit are you?" He texted back: "Good." And I texted back: " Kimberly just arrived in high school and she sawed a video for you, and it is very mature violence for taking things stuff, because you just fucked and sneaking in my house, so do not invite me to the house and talk to me anymore. You are so fucking stupid how who you are!" He texted back: Okay. And sorry. Then I went back to class, and I saw thousand high school kids who seen Eric was trapped by himself and everyone was laughing at all of these students who take a video of Eric got trapped. And suddenly, Adriana and I met in the senior lawn and they told them to leave the class.
9:25am: Kimberly, Adriana, Casandra and I were the mean girls in this room and also Shelby Reed and Mariana Liza are also a mean girls too. Shelby texted Alexa: "Hey Alexa, do you see Eric got trapped?" While Alexa is in the outside walking with her boots on and she texted back: Yea Shelby, I saw a video and he was so dumbass in this class with his hazel eyes on he's fake.