This life
2017-07-04 03:54:45 (UTC)

Happy 4th

So, Dad is moved in, The room is a little smaller with all his stuff in there but he'll have to make do. It's the last option. I told him he's not going anywhere, This is it. This is home. I like having him around. He has a better disposition than mom. And if he starts talking bad about her, I tell him to stop and he does. No snyde comments or remarks like she makes. He's not perfect by any means. He's still a 70 yr old crazy old man. But he's still my dad. I love him. Mom is still mom. I Don't like her right now, but I do love her. Even though she is abandoning me because she is selfish and vindictive and mean. May take a while to forgive her for this one.

Work was ok. Found out we are getting two more nocturnal patients from 9;00PM TO 4:00AM. Two problems with that. #1 We don't have any empty chairs. #2 I have to work 11 - 5 on Tues or Thurs and leaving at 5;00am is not going to give me enough sleep to drive 45 minutes home sleep three hours, get up and get ready for work, and drive another 45 minutes to get to work by 10:45. Just go with the flow and see what happens.

The dogs are getting along better. I think Chloe is accepting Gunter (Dad's dog) because he usually stays within 5 feet of dad at all times.
Plus, with dad here and Gunter here all the time, Chloe is easing up a bit. She sill hates Wizard. I think it's because he's two years younger and still very playful and full of energy and Chloe is mello and likes to be left alone. Gunter is also Chloe's age and has the same temperament. I think that's why she's getting along with him already. We'll see. They could have a knock down drag out tomorrow for all I know.

No plans for today. Just sleep late, study for my test, and definitely do my laundry. I'm living out of a basket of clean laundry and a pile of dirty laundry building up on the floor. Not a good thing. I will take care of that tomorrow. There has just been so much shit going on that it just hasn't been a priority. I'm lucky I even have a basket of clean clothes. Granted they're wrinkled to shit from being scrunched down into the basket and need another run through the dryer to fluff out the wrinkles cuz I DON'T iron. But I have all day after I wake up to tackle it.

Well, I'm getting tired. Meds are kicking in. Not a lot of hate in me tonight. Should sleep well. Might even get some morning sex if I wake up before he gets up. lol

Good night friend