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2017-07-03 20:06:54 (UTC)

Week 1 of Self Discovery

As I am writing this entry, I am listening to the rain fall, into what appears to be a storm. So many raindrops, so much strength as if , they were my tears. This weekend I have been M.I.A. just wanted to be out of the public eye, away from everyone and everything. I have been feeling unhappy lately and not in the sense of depression but in the sense that something is missing. I feel like there is something I should be doing. Something great, yet I am here. I'm 21 so knowing who I am is not so easy but I have always considered myself in touch with who I am and how I feel. Yet I can not shake this feelings of unhappiness, the feeling of discontentment. The crazy part in all this is that I want to say this feeling is something new , something that just recently decided to show up in my life, like a pimple or a zit. But I know deep down this feelings has been there for years and its only getting worse because I have the time to sit still. I have the time to listen to my heart, to listen to my soul , to listen to my spirit, all of which are crying out for self discovery, healing , success and contentment. And I think its time, I stopped ignoring their cries, my cries and actually explore the one thing no one else dare explores and that is , the self......

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