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2017-07-03 03:20:30 (UTC)

Marriage and Divorce

In a beautiful two-story home at Henderson Nevada, lives two sisters in their mid-thirties named Alice and Lenore. They recently gave birth to newborn babies; the age gap between them is only a few months apart. Even though the pair of sisters have babies that are almost the same age, their lives are polar opposites.

Alice's marriage to my Uncle Billy embodies the definition of a happy and loving marriage. Alice knew Billy was the one after a year of getting to know him. This newly wed couple left the Imperial Valley behind and moved away to San Diego where they financially struggled. They worked countless hours in order to pay rent for their apartment. Billy joined the U.S. Military and was deployed to Afghanistan for over a year. A long-distance relationship was one of the many hardships this couple dealt with, but they have prospered and they've been married for over 10 years now. Billy works as a police officer and Alice is a police despatcher. I'm certain that I can ask them for guidance when it comes to relationship advice.

Lenore was also convinced she found love, except she was deceived. Everything that came out of George's mouth was a lie. Her birth control pills from Mexicali failed to do the one job they had. Lenore was unhappily married and pregnant with an unwanted baby. What was meant to be the start of a beautiful future came tumbling down before her very eyes. She knew George was schizophrenic three years before she decided to put a ring on it, but love comes with sacrifice so she overlooked his mental illness. What did he do? Well he self-medicated behind her back... This man never changed-not to save his marriage, for his own well being, or even for their newly born baby. For this drug addict it was the same shit and a different day, until Lenore filed for divorce. Now Lenore and George are in and out of Court as they fight for child custody. George refused to move out of their newly purchased home, so Lenore was practically kicked out of her own home and she is now living in her sisters house. Not a single day passes, without Lenore bringing up her ex-husband. Her hope in finding true love has died and she's filled with resentment towards men. I gaze into the life of this broken family and think about how most marriages end up in divorce. I cling onto the idea of love and I pray that Pablo and I will stay true to one another.
~Yours Truly,