This life
2017-07-02 07:36:44 (UTC)

A good night

I know, A Good Night. REALLY? From me? But it was. It really was.
One of the highlights of my week is to work Saturday nights as an LNA for an Assisted Living Home on the Alzheimer's unit from 11 - 7am. I missed last week cuz I was sick but last night I was at work and it was relaxing. I LOVE the residents . Granted they sleep most of the night, and I'm just there for safety checks and comfort for when they wake up confused. And the couple hours of cleaning at the beginning of the shift. But during the night, I can study for my test that is coming up, or read my book I haven't touched since I started studying, or watch stupid late night TV or Netflix or play solitaire. It's quiet time, I'm up at night by nature, and I don't bring my problems with me when I go there. It's a sanctuary for me and I'm helping people who really need me. It was time away from the drama at home and all the people causing it. And it was time away from my full time job at the dialysis clinic with all the stress that radiates from that environment.

My favorite job of all time was working as an LNA for a Home and Hospice company. I loved going to peoples homes and helping them with their personal care until they got back on their feet or some it was more permanent. I could get in, get 'em showered dressed and powdered in 30 minutes and still have 30 minutes left of our visit to enjoy talking and getting to know each other. Hospice was a little different. My visits were longer and much more involved. But the social part was either with the patient or with the family depending on how far along the process they were.
It was sad and heartbreaking, but there were so many families I was able to help that it made me feel like I was making a difference. It was too bad when the hospital closed down the division. We were really a family there and got along so well. Haven't had a job since that made me feel so good.

Well, a night without once thinking about how shitty life is right now is definitely a good night.