2017-07-02 02:29:32 (UTC)

wAIT tho

3:29 AM

couple things:

just got Naked Lunch (Burroughs) and Nausea (Sartre) in the mail today! Also, I was able to create a bank account and I bought some nice heels and make-up and I am just. I'm doing things lately. Things little things, I very much appreciate. God, the world is... delightful!

Y'know, I was on a boat the other day and I watched as we headed towards pristine waters, knowing that, y'know... after we passed over, it'd go from glassy to a big mess of dull, choppy waves. We just go ahead and destroy the peace! And it reminded me of what Elise said about the destruction of pure white snow in her last entry.

I've probably read that entry more than any other in her diary.