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2017-06-03 00:02:44 (UTC)

thick lips part 2

There's something clandestine about his demeanour. I don't know if that's just his general disposition - very quiet, purposeful etc.

So I managed to orchestrate a meet up with sd. It was swell. Heres an account of the event as it emerged and happened.

Wednesday afternoon, I bite the bullet and send him a message using my doc as an excuse. I'd love to talk to you about my doc, I say over text, as I'm in the process of gathering more people to interview.

"well what are you doing tomorrow?" is his response about 1 minute after, much to my surprise, let me not lie. I respond with the same swiftness, that I'm busy in the afternoon at a screening, but free in the evening. As soon as I send this message I roll my eyes at my attempt at smoothness. 'I have a screening in the afternoon but around in the evening' - like why would he need to know that though? If you're only around in the evening most people would just say 'i'm free from 6pm' or whatever. only those that want to highlight that they aren't