This life
2017-06-22 04:17:49 (UTC)

End of my day

I'm tired. I don't like worrying if I'm ever going to be good enough for my job. I don't like worrying about if my mom is going to self combust or freak out all over my dad. I don't like not getting enough sleep. I don't like that one of my toenails has a fungus I've been treating for a month and I just keep clipping away at it. I don't like that my back still hurts even after losing a hundred pounds. And right now I particularly don't like the fact I have a damn cold. It just makes everything so much more blown out of proportion. I need to change my outlook.

I'm grateful I have an interesting job. I'm grateful dad has come to live with us. I'm grateful I've lost a hundred pounds. I'm grateful God helps me through the hard times and carries me through the unbearable times. I'm grateful for my loving husband.

I'm tired. It's time to end this day.