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me and my life
2017-06-29 17:13:37 (UTC)


I was thinking to write from logs byt was feeling really very lazy finally i am writing now.
Summer is gone and rains are here. Feeling great all seems good. My salary also increased donno if i mentioned this feeling very relaxed. Job sucks but something is always better than nothing. I am in search of new and ill find it very soon.
V has started hus new Business and seems good going. We both are very good together n i am really amazed to find love of my life finally. I am glad that he talk about marrying kids n future. He is my idle man. I am so in love with him and so does he. Some time i feel that meri hi buri nazar lagegi meko so i dnt brag much. Year end ill get engaged and next year will get married. Lets see how plan gets further. Firstly i wanna get rid of this job and get settled in good job long term kinda. All will go well. Wanna write more but now i do have someine who listens to me so i dnt feel much need of dairy. Sholly... hehe cyaaaa