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me and my life
2017-06-08 18:33:51 (UTC)

Life is going on... So are expectations

Yeah life is going on so r my expectations. And this is how life goes on.
So far all is good.
Between me n v everything is just good. At office i am little relief that I got an increment also looking for job. Rest all all fine touch wood.
V is getting his business thing setting up, hope he get settled soon. And also I get a job soon. Because end of the year we are planning for the engagement ceremony. But before that I want him to settle down well. I want him to focus on career than on marriage.
Ok moving on to me. 2017 has become a year of transformation to me. I am working hard on my body, working hard to get rid of pcod, also have now taken up remedies to cure hair problem. Hope all goes well. Because next year is going to be different. My life is going to change i may get married and life won't be same. It's exciting but only one thing about my marriage is bothering me that is getting away from my mom. I'll do my best to be with her all the time and not to make her feel alone. I know my god is with me to support n tc of my mom. I believe in him.

Down the line i am really looking forward for a very good healthy life. Apart from health goals. Other goals are to built my career good and to travel abroad.