The Grown Up Years of a Weird Woman
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2017-06-28 16:42:37 (UTC)

Dear ex- Best friend.

Dear Heather,
We were great friends. We shared good memories I will always cherish, but things just can't go back to the way they were.. We can't ever be friends again. Friends pick each other up, friends want the best for each other, friends apologize when they did something wrong, friends don't spaz out at their 'best friend' for stupid shit. Friends love, forgive, treat each other how they would like to be treated. If you put yourself in my shoes you'd see how you truly are. Just because you have anger issues doesn't mean you can treat me like shit, you think I'm a door mat, you think you can just say what ever the fuck you want to me and I'll stay.

I made so many sacrifices just to hang out with you, everything was on your terms. You honestly don't even know me, you have this perception of me that is totally untrue you are just so fucking negative and it burns me out and that's why I never opened up to you. You know damn well you don't give a shit about the 40$ you just feel you have something on me, which you don't. I'm not going to pay you for that forty dollars because it was an accident, and I've been nothing but a good friend to you and look where it's gotten me with you.

I had every intention to pay you back when I wrote that I would, but I started thinking, why should I continue doing the right thing when you never do that for me? I don't owe you shit. Friends like me don't come often Heather, I would have gone through hell and back for you but you can't even apologize for shit you know you were wrong about. I rather be alone then have a friend like you. A friend who just makes me question myself, makes me think there's something wrong with me because you said I have 'issues'. I honestly have nothing wrong with me and maybe that's why you hate me so much. Everything has to be complicated, something always has to be wrong, something always comes around. All I did was try and be myself around you but you made it hard because you're just so judgmental at times.

You're just so so so so negative. It was just so one sided with you, and I bet reading this just makes you angry because you cannot see it from anyone else's point of view but your own. I tried looking through yours, you apparently think if you don't freak the fuck out that I don't 'learn', what kinda 'best friend' does shit like that????? You talk shit out if you want things to change not yell at them and make them feel bad about themselves to get things 'resolved'.

This is goodbye, I want to cherish the good memories and hopefully you can too. I hope this brought clarity to the radio silence, I just want y'all to move on and be happy, I really do wish the best for you guys, I'm sad how things ended but that's life. Not everything ends how we want it too.
Sincerely, Katie.