always wth love

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2017-06-28 08:51:52 (UTC)

7 years of PPL is era is over :(

Last nite was sad night for many people worldwide including me it was last finale episode of PPL , I was blown away that was first took to me at first. I was just 14 years old when that shown aired on ABC Family (recently known as Freeform). Now am 23 in college focusing on my career, its totally taking shape in the directions of my future. I cant believe I told my boyfriend that 3 hour show I didnt want miss an ounce of it. So just wanted update guys on my favorite show that I grew up with me from teen years into my early 20s. This summer is going have a lot of happiness and sadness. So am going not post any longer need finish 4 semester strong and start my life with my boyfriend. So I have wrote many things on here for most part, the PPL has helped me along way falling dark web that isn't so perfect that shape to be stronger.
Being 23 girlfriend taking ownership my career and being with my boyfriend that I love so much!
I will always be a PPL through and through, if two can keep a secret, if one is dead.
your girlfriend much love everybody!
Bye! :)