A lady in the crowd
2017-06-27 21:12:11 (UTC)

Moving Away to Las Vegas.

The zippers from my luggage barely closed but I managed to pack the essential things I needed most. Pablo and my grandma helped me load my precious possessions into the trunk of my Liberty Jeep. I kissed, hugged, and waved goodbye to my boyfriend. I know I'm going to miss him dearly but this is the way it had to be if I was going to move away. Welcome to the beginning of our long-distance relationship.

After driving for five hours my arms, back, and neck felt tension. I ignored the numb sensation and felt welcomed into this new World, a place very different from the Imperial County. Instead of seeing a small town filled with miles of agricultural, dozens of tall buildings stood right behind another. The city was filled with traffic and the streets had five lanes that quickly moved in the same direction. People drove fast and ruthless; all I did was follow the flow of traffic. I felt an adrenaline rush as I drove up a highway ramp, then I arrived at the College of Southern Nevada. I came to a realization that I finally moved away from a City I never considered my home. Now Las Vegas is my home.

I went to the Students Services building at CSN and visited each office one by one. I turned in my paperwork at the Financial Aid Office and they told me that my financial aid will cover all of my expenses as an out-of-state student. I sighed in relief and went on to see my advisor, the Registrar's Office, the Transfers Office, and the Testing Center. I was filled with wonder and these kind people answered all of my questions with a smile. I can't wait for my Fall Semester classes to start!

There's a Pittman Wash Trail near my home and I decided to go for a run there. The trail seemed like it would never come to an end, so I decided to return before sundown. I came across these two African Americans, White people, and even a Russian woman who spoke loudly into her phone as she talked in her native language. This was the first time I've ever felt culture shock and I was astonished by the diversity this place had to offer. For 18 years in my life I was surrounded by a Hispanic majority who spoke Spanish and seeing anything different was a rare sight.

I am like an ant in a new colony and here I am dwelling into self-discovery.

~Yours Truly,