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2001-10-10 22:14:18 (UTC)


hmm well i dunno i cant hate all the guys i love one hahai
swear im like i dunno its weird i get so mad at him adn im
like i hate him but then im like i love him blah blah uh
its so sad i need to find someone else to talk to b/c i
think i talk to him too much b/c i dunno i have a life and
all but i need to not be like keaton and val well sometiems
i wish i was b/c i dunno i like how close they are i dunno
but then i dont cuz its annoyin cuz i dunno i just wnat
attention somtimes and i just dont get it so i get moody
haha well hmm had a bad day lets see two big test examine
on bussiness didnt studied guessed on pretty everything!
haha theirs another f for me i really need to work on
homeowrk maybe that will be like my new frineduh i dunno i
do hate guys they always make me cry i dunno love is weird
i dunno if i even am in love what is love i dont know and i
hate it if i was in love would i have doubt???????xoxox