always wth love

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2017-06-20 19:01:32 (UTC)

It came clear this is day actually before summer begins

It came clear this is day before summer begins.... this day before thoughts of shame can take all fucking strength even possible from this woman to damn stable enough. It hasn't come as shock how life shaped out be. Nope it has not, even the smallest bit possible to think she is something important. does it ever across the mind as another human stability to worth than who they once was before. Just maybe I should say this or maybe nothing to fully grab someone attention to be known for... Hmmm, so its clear that they are bumps in every moment of time. as you grow up in life parents teach all the ways possibly of trying to make on your own, there oblivious there are a lot of reasons how it could go wrong on how to approach it or even give a response that you deeply care for....
I am stupid enough not the girl to something is worth all happiness that her mother hoped for or the possible intelligent girlfriend to be my boyfriend. I cant be perfect yet alone something more to as girl that is written to hers alone.
your girlfriend :/