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2017-06-16 10:31:44 (UTC)

Some down time / Early June

dear dairy, I have some down time to write this property so I will start with lil sister Gaby we haven't really hasn't talked since late May so I given the late update what took me to be busy. So had start in summer class she was more happy for me, something about her makes sense to me that she doesn't judge me! we talk till midnight, her vibe is pure and good that's what I love. She had motivated me that I can do this, when I feel so weak and don't have strength to move so given that boost that I really needed. I haven't mention my friend Jennifer so wont get confused ill call her "Jenny" we have talked more than I could imagine shes very loving and with wise with words. Im very blessed to have her an my circle as well.....earlier in May and June that texted her older sister Staci, still hard to talk with her, cant put together still wish I knew how to do that??? She reminds of someone that I am still debating on about, so? Hmmm....
Once year I talk my uncle on his birthday I try update him each time what progress I have made, lately my work has shown that.
(unexpected visit came part 2)
Early in June
Just a day before first week going back school again, our cousin pours out this high expectations that I should've already have nailed down But haven't wasn't good enough to be stability so this has torn me up and almost had a biggest regret that lost sense of reality was all about. It has affect my sleep and appetite to eat anything, it really shot DOWN, so knowing the fact his coming back visit isn't good sign for ME :( he's going ask questions and well I have none because have been focus on two things at moment that's myself and my boyfriend. He don't think am taking it serious honestly I am, this all because I haven't gotten a job yet. Sorry I didn't grow up like you, so you cannot boss me around like your a role model to me cause you aren't one to me. Yes, am very bless have a roof over me and food, clothes. I still learning the rope of things. I cant wait go into the Fall semester am closer to by goal by than. New things have master before summer begins that's another chapter in itself. Yes, everything is going fine with my man.
Well have to go, now but I have a lot reviewing vocab and reading. Have a great summer everyone, loves! your girlfriend.