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2017-06-13 09:49:45 (UTC)

Turn Around needed

I am slacking in my quest to achieve my daily targets. It requires dedication, discipline and consistency and I am falling short. I need to ensure I have planned my activities and target in a realist way. This will ensure I can achieve what I aspire.
I am not sleeping at the right times therefore not waking up to do my reading and my morning duties. I end up waking up to rush into work.
I have a plan and I need to ensure that I am on the right path to achieve the plan. I have a year to be a very highly competent Business Analyst. I want to be able to command a very high salary in a year’s time.
I need to ensure my finances are under control, there is a long time plan to pay off my debt so I become debt free. In addition, a thorough management of my day to day spending to ensure I control my spending. I have 10 years to accomplish all my financial goal. I have no doubt that I will earn the money, the question is that will I be disciplined and focus enough to ensure I utilise the income in an efficient and effective manner. I want to go back to the times when I use to earn money for investment not just to pay my bills and struggle.
I also look forward to hopefully remarrying again one day and have 2 children (a boy and a girl). If this is the case I don’t have time. I need to prepare myself mentally, financially and physically to build a new home. I want to do this with partner in a very pleasant and loving manner. I really hope I achieve this.
My body is also suffering from my drop in motivation. I do not do my morning exercise as much as I should and I can see my body losing shape and I am lethargic.
So many aspects of my life is suffering. I need to turn it around.