Up All Night
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2017-06-11 19:16:26 (UTC)


I got a taste for some seafood and live inland now, looked around and knew, nothing I could find in restaurants
would be any good even though one menu I found looked great. So I bought some various fish and greens and veggies, then made my seafood at home. I've had my fill by now. Today I had pizza for lunch and it was really good. I need to fast again -- I'm eating a little too much. I felt better after I fasted last time. After I am done fasting I'll make a super nice meal and have that. While exercising today I realized once again, that I need to lose quite a bit of weight.
I know how much I get to eat now and still lose weight. My body burns calories like crazy. My challenge is to make and
eat a diet that doesn't leave me bloated, because I certainly do not want this.