This life
2017-06-08 04:21:08 (UTC)

Trying to be a good daughter

I understand she doesn't want dad living with her. But she has a three/four bedroom house she's living in and my husband and I pay the mortgage. Dad wasn't wanted any more with my sister, she was going to have him put away and take away all his collection of guns. She yelled at him and made him feel like shit. Now mom is using this opportunity to get even with dad for all the things he ever did to hurt her. I live in a one bedroom house with a finished basement with two grown sons living down there. I have an office space I can turn into a bedroom for dad. He's 70 years old and I don't see him making it to 80. I'm not going to have him living in a house where he is not treated well. Mom is mad over some instance about $800 that happened probably 35 years ago and is trying to get even with him now by lying to him and trying to get extra money from him. He's on social security and doesn't make much either. I'm gonna give her the damn money, and move him over here. I'm sick of her viciousness. He probably doesn't even remember half of the shit she's pissed about. That woman can hold a grudge.