the lilfe of a very confused person
2001-10-10 22:10:06 (UTC)


well i guess this thing is really hel[ping me... i just got
though with this relationship with this girl it wasnt a
girlfriend boyfriend relationship it was more really really
close friendship we shared everything... i just couldnt
take it anymore she demanded way to much of my
time.... i mean she would come in to my work and
demand my attention even though i was busy .... she
would calll me 6 to 7 time a day!!! demanding my
attention i guess she liked me alot n=but it was not
really the realtionship i wanted and get this she had a
boyfriend.. i guess she was oppsesed with me it was
really scary ... anyways i was bad how i ended it i guess
i should have been nicer about it . i bloced her from my
buddy list hung up mon her on all my phone calls and
told her not to call me anymore. she was really
annoying .. she was trhe type of person that needed
attention, and durring the summer i gave it to her alot.
but when school started i gave her less attention and
she knew that i was getting intrested in other girls she
got mad really mad..... umm..... she recently broke um
woith her boyfriend and she called me and told me her and her
who i dont have aproblem with keep stoping by asking
me if i want to do something but i dont i dont make up
lies i just tell them the truth see this person who is her