Up All Night
2017-06-05 01:38:34 (UTC)

Losing Weight and More

I'm losing weight even though I've been eating a lot of carbs -- have not lost enough yet. I am accelerating the weight loss by switching over to mostly salads and veggies. Meanwhile, I heard that they don't want me at a local Starbucks and book store. That's okay, I have come to the conclusion that coffee tastes like rat piss and the Starbucks here has someone else running it now and isn't worth a shit anymore. I can download all of my books and don't need a library or book store. If I want a hard copy of a book then I am sure I can find one someplace. I met with the Paranormal Society last Friday and we discussed the results of some violence in a particular area. Someone spotted a Josephine look alike as well. Maybe more on this another time. Have tried many of the local restaurants and they're super strange and weird. Had lunch with Hester, he sat me at the table -- he was the host and handed me my menu. The pasta at two different places sucked. My home cooking is much better, except for two places -- where they have a quick meal if I need it. I'd be really, really happy if certain cocksuckers would just buzz off. I love being me.