In the dark
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2017-06-03 15:49:57 (UTC)

The first

Summer after 9th grade I stayed the night at my friends house alot. One day someone added my on snapchat and from that day we started talking my life turned around. I was inlove no matter what anyone said or how weird he was I really loved him we talked everyday he even sent me a big long paragraph about how special I am to him and anyone who made my day bad should be put on trial because I deserve nothing but the best. He was perfect and he though the same about me until I told him about my past. I told him about my cutting and acting out with older guys because I was trying to gain control of what happened to me freshmen year. After that he didnt feel the same about me he called me a slut and a whore and that i was obsessed and crazy. That hurt so much him saying that. I cried and when to the bathroom with a bottle of pills and took all of them. When I first took them I felt nothing but then I started getting dizzy and my stomach started to hurt alot. My face was pale and all I wanted to do was sleep. I was really scared I was going to die. That night I went to a little party with my church group hardly being able to stand, the party was because we were all about to leave to go on a mission trip to Idaho the next day. When we held hands to pray I could feel I was about to puke and I did everywhere. Everyone though I was dehydrated. That night I was afraid to sleep because I thought I wasnt going to wake up.

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