The Grown Up Years of a Weird Woman
2017-05-22 03:54:56 (UTC)

Some girls and their drama ugggh

Dear Journal and friends,
I've gone through a lot a lot a lot lately and I will eventually write about it but right now what my mind is on a stupid fight with my best friend.
She's can be such a drama queen and it angers me. I try not to feed into drama and stay calm and neutral and I tried to end the fight by apologizing and then she continued to act like a little bitch ass about it.

It's our first ever real bigger fight because I tend to put them down real quick and this was over text so she acted all tough and shit by putting caps and cussing like a real home-slice keyboard warrior lmao.

I kinda want to end the friendship because I don't know if I can deal with someone who is so quick to anger... I don't know though because she is my best friend but I don't know if I can deal with a life time of stupid frickin' drama anger tantrums of hers. Maybe just distance myself for a while...

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