Young Sprout
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2017-05-21 23:05:59 (UTC)

I Don't Even Know Me

Why do I believe that I am worthless? It's because he gave me my worth and because I relied on him as a friend, he was the only thing I had. I on the other hand am not and never was the only thing he had, he is surrounded by people he loves and by people that love him, and I am not. I am not loved in the same way he is and I do not love in the same way he does. I realize this and believe myself to be nothing to him, after all how could I be? With so many important people in his life how can my existence equate to much? This feeling of worthlessness has driven me into some weird haze. I am undoing any improvement, I haven't eaten in two days, and I can't look at myself without feeling sick, because I am so ugly and I am nothing. While he is the only one that makes me eel better in his absence he makes me feel the worst that I have felt in years.