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2017-05-20 23:59:45 (UTC)


Ok, I didn't go out with date #8 really. However, I have a friend from the group that I've been trying to take out for awhile now. She is hot! She more than satisfies my shallow Hal syndrome. Anyway, I asked her out a few times but she was always busy. So I finally told her I give up and won't ask her anymore. Low and behold, she asked me to go out.

Figures. Never quite understood women. So we went out. Great conversation. I've known her for years but never knew about some of the things she told me that night. It was great. I tried to ask for a good night kiss but she politely said no. Oh well, it was our first date even though I've known her for a few years so I guess I'll keep trying.

That's all I have for now diary. Thanks again for being there.