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2017-05-20 04:01:07 (UTC)

Self improvement

1. (silly) take a selfie to make sure most of the month you like your fashion
2. Try bedtime makeup in best in better pjs
3. Get a tutor
4.Don't worry but people think unless the defiantly have a point
4. Try ixl
5. Got to therapist every month
6. Try your best to get a college you like
7. If you don't want to deal with toxic friend or you cant do homework read.
8. Count In different languages to go to bed
9. invest in genki or tae kim or both and highlight
10. Once in a while watch news
11. Draw manga, practice regular bodies in free time
12. Do not make holidays boring
14. Work on book
15. Study
16. learn to annotate
17. learn how to use commas
18. develop a bigger growth mindset
19. stop looking at the mirror
20. Find unique poems you like that make you feel good say them to yourself in the mirror
21. Learn to stop moving your finger
22. get a job when you can
23. do logic puzzles once a week or more
24. do flashcards a lot
25. crochet something
35. learn to knit one day
36. one-day in the distance take cosmology
37. buy a binder cut your hair short or learn to grow it
38. correct sleeping problems
39. random acts of kindness
40. make your own food when you can
41. Find affirmations that work