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2017-05-18 08:06:08 (UTC)

A good Business Analyst

I need to get a reference from my previous manager at my previous employment or from the agency that placed me there. I am worried that they may put that my contract was terminated as the reason for my leaving. I plan to write ‘my contract ended’.
Also the tax man is taking my ltd company to court for unpaid taxes. I have offered to pay in instalment but they have refused and want full payment. This may have adverse effect on my records. My new employers are also going to check my records for criminal activities as well as any other issues and verification of my education and employment background. I only worry about the reference and my poor credit record (I had to enter arrangement with all my creditors after my divorce as this was the only way i could survive). I only have one power and that is the power of prayer and worship. I believe God, that same God, that has given me strength, power and purpose to be an over comer will once again show his consistent love and care for me.
Beyond these worries, I just look forward to starting from zero again from Monday, put me head down and live a structured and prudent life. I plan to be a very good Business Analyst, one of the best!