This life
2017-05-18 03:32:00 (UTC)

Early morning

Good night. I just got home from work. It's 3:30am. I said I would try to remember to write more often and here I am. I also know this started out as a diet diary but I think that it's going to be more than that. I'm not obsessed with weight loss anymore. If it comes off, it comes off. My job is to not ever let it get back on! It's less stressful for me that way.

Diary, maybe you can help me. I'm working at a job I love. It's challenging, it's rewarding, it's meaningful. I'm only getting 30 hours a week. I work third shift three nights a week. I need full time. Desperately. Because of productivity I will not ever get more than 10 hours a shift. To make up some time I work third shift on Saturday nights at a local assisted living facility but that kills my time with my husband. And I sleep all day Sunday.

I've seem to have gotten myself into a pit and I don't know how to get out. I'm away from my husband four nights a week and not making enough money to justify it.

I wish I didn't love the work. The choice would be easy then. I love the night shift. Three 12 hour shifts would be worth it. Ugh! I don't like this dilemma. Diary, can you write back and let me know what to do?

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