Young Sprout
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2017-05-18 00:37:03 (UTC)


Why? a question I ask often but can never seem to answer. Is there ever an answer or are we meant to disregard the why and make a new question one that is far easier for us to answer. Why, do people betray trust? but instead we say; What cause people to betray trust? this question however is no easier to answer. The truth is I can never answer any of my questions; Who do I trust? What can I do to make sure I never hurt anyone? Where do people go when they leave? When will this relationship break apart in the worst way possible? Why do we hurt the ones we love most? How can someone do something so horrible to themselves? I don't know and up until vacation last month (April break) I would have said that two things were always for sure
1. People always leave, and it will hurt when they do
2. No one gets hurt if you leave before they can hurt you
but really what hurts most is letting someone close enough to really get to know you, and then cutting them out because you're scared. What are you scared of? I don't know, but maybe it's because you don't want to get hurt but for once you trust someone or maybe it's because this is the first person you're emotionally attached to and YOU don't want to hurt THEM because for you it always seems to be the other way around. I've also come to realize that whether or not people will leave, if you leave to avoid getting hurt both of you will hurt anyway, if they really care it will be worse for them.