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2017-05-17 23:56:35 (UTC)

Bad days 4 life

Dear diary,
I had a bad day at school, if I was a teenage life of school, I will deal with Eric right away before the school just rang the bell. I totally have a video camera to take video because my partner decide to kill Eric, punch his nose, and slapped. Then later in, I slipped on a wet floor and my partner will helped me to find another class. And I was lost in the woods, and suddenly I was crying and looking for a teacher and then my partner started to hugged me all the time when everyone just laughed at me. For the stupid things later, I opened to Macbook, and starts doing my paperwork/schoolwork because my boyfriend is not around so me and my partner stayed at my house to talk about Eric lies me. Then in 4pm, I drived to the store to buy some groceries such as blueberries, pizza, strawberries, onions (bad breaths),cherries, ice cream, and lobster.
Later at 5:04pm, I brought some food today and I looked on my phone and I said: "OMFG! I pushed Eric,because he is such a loser." And I was looked down. My partner rolled my eyes again.