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2017-05-17 06:53:15 (UTC)

Race of life

Never let obstacles define you.
When I think of all the obstacles that were in front of me when I lost my job just over 2 months ago I just thank God for giving me the strength and clarity of mind to move forward. I had no money; I couldn’t pay my rent, my debts or my kids school fees. I spent so long at my previous employment such that my skills by itself would not get me a new job, I had the tax man breathing down my neck and consequently destroying my already poor credit. There will be no prospect of getting a new job in the financial market with such a bad credit history and worst of all, the business I was doing with the start up company which ultimately lead to my losing my main job (I was dismissed for not declaring my other business interest), this business, more or less washed their hands of me. There was all the issue of getting a reference when I get a new job, will my previous agency tell my new employer I was dismissed? I had all these employment and money issues like a dark cloud hanging over me. I prayed to God and seek favour from men. This is why it is always good to be a fair person and try and be good to people around you. You may need them in your own time of need and hardship. I thank God for the sequence of events that is happening in my life, the timing of my dismissal, retraining myself and getting a new job. I am approaching the starting line. It is a race that i am very clear of the destination, I know where I am going. I am just grateful I have been given another chance to run the race again. This time I will run the race with purpose, structure and determination and always fix my gaze forward towards my destination. What is behind me has gone. I am just about to start a new race of life.