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2017-05-16 09:19:29 (UTC)

New Job but worrying

I am proud of myself as I got the job yesterday. Now I am going to work as a business Analysts from next Monday. The role is a permanent role so the money will be much less than what I am used to collecting as a contractor but I am determined to make it work as I get paid holiday and I will try and go on courses paid for by the company.

My biggest worries are my debts and credit record. My credit is poor due to the arrangements I had to enter with all my credit card providers after my divorce. My new company are going to do a credit check on me I am just praying that i pass this test. The job has come at the very right time. God is great.
My company and personal debt to the tax man is a worry for me as i don’t see how I can pay then off within the conditions given to me by the tax man. I cannot afford any judgement against me that can jeopardize my job. I am really worried. It is a big worry for me.