This life
2017-05-14 02:49:14 (UTC)

Been a long time

Found you by chance in an old list of bookmarks on my laptop that just quit working. I put you on my phone just before it pooped out. I guess you were meant to be saved, what little there is of you. I hope I don't waste your time with drivel and actually have an idea or two worthy to be written. But for some reason you have been saved.

So I will write what I want and refuse to worry what anyone thinks about you. I'm open to conversation but not arguments.
I'm not used to putting my thoughts or daily activities into words but I will try. Hell, I just try not to trip over one day to the next. Not alot happens, but sometimes stuff is worth remembering.

Like last night before I left for work, my boys gave me an early Mothers Day present. 5lbs of my favorite snobby coffee shop cafe $20lb coffee. I really do love this coffee!!! Blake works at the coffee shop so he knows what I like. I was so excited!! They really got me this year. I was surprised. They are growing up.

So I'll write when I remember to and if anything happens worth writing about. May be a while....

I just read the old entries. This was a diet diary. Well I got up to 300lbs. I was on percocets three times a day for my back and was sick quite often. Tried many times going to the gym. Got down to 284lbs and got stuck there. Quit the gym and decided to stay fat.

Started working at DaVita Dialysis in May and started on the floor on Nocturnal shift July 2016 and was on my feet for 10 hour shifts doing over 10,000 steps a shift. Guess what? I don't like to eat during the night. I eat very little when I am awake now and with all the walking I am down to 192.6 pounds in 10 months. I'm aiming for 160lbs but not stressing over a number. I feel so much better!! And I don't take percocets three times a day and I never get sick except for my annual bronchitis in the deep cold of winter. I did not try to lose weight, it just started happening. I loved my new job so the walking wasn't exercise it was just my job. My eating habits changed because my life changed. I couldn't make it happen myself so God made it happen for me. I eat a lot of protein and veggies and I love rice and pasta so I'm not starving or on a fanatic diet, I just don't crave sugar or diet soda or junk food like I used to. I don't eat during the night. Oh and I drink a lot of iced green tea with honey. Very important!! Makes me happy. :)