Experienced Life
2017-05-13 21:23:40 (UTC)

Possible Date #8

So, there is this lady that has been asking me to go out with her. She says she likes to do the stuff I do. Darts, shooting guns, wine tasting, riding motorcycles, etc. The only thing is she has one pic on her profile and she's wearing shades. So suspicious. Seems like she's hiding. I really don't want to date a married woman or someone that is seeing someone already. It happened to me but it's not my style. Screw that. I dunno, maybe it's my imagination but I don't see why she's hiding.

Plus, sorry to say but what is she's fugly? I'be been polite and just paid for everything and finished the date. I figure that's the gentlemen thing to do but it's really getting old.

Tomorrow, I'll hit the lake and go kayak fishing again. If I wake up early enough :)

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