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2017-05-08 21:00:20 (UTC)

Dart League

So... It was a battle between 1st (us) and the 2nd place team (the bad guys). lol. They aren't really the bad guys. I just want to goof off and label everyone. Well, we squeaked by and won 8-7. I think they got lucky, My partner was a little off today and we couldn't killed them. However, I'll take an 8-7 win any day. We were in first and now we are even more in 1st place after tonight. Gotta take the simple pleasures in life when you can take them. Happy happy joy joy :)

Now we've played everyone in this division. Beat all of them and so we are the team to beat. Little do they know is that they just need the proper amount of aiming fluid.

Great day today!!!! 2nd best feeling in the world. Thanks again for listening to me diary. Keep me sane as long as you can. lol

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