A lady in the crowd
2017-03-30 06:55:17 (UTC)

An Ode to Time

The clock sways in many ways
There I stand, constantly amazed.
In awe, oh how time graciously slips away!

Time sweeps us off our feet.
Inviting us to a royal ball where we shall meet,
We dance the night away.
The clock strikes twelve and I say,
"A moment ago it was August, now it's early May!"

Time is frozen,
The train to leave the Valley passes by us in slow motion
I'm bombarded with emotions
Freeze this perfect frame, but we all have different notions.

The human mind is a time capsule
Storing away memories from a golden age, to my fall from grace.
Time heals all wounds. You are my one consolement!
Time, you can never be replaced.

Authors Note: What was once a daily habit of typing away on a keyboard for the sake of it feels foreign to me now. It's been a while... Still I try my best to write an irregular ode.