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2017-05-08 01:23:50 (UTC)

Date #7 flaked

Well, I texted /emailed to confirm our get together but #7 didn't reply back so I didn't show up. They get cold feet sometimes. I guess #7 isn't my lucky number. haha.

Haven't gone kayaking lately. Don't know why. Maybe I'm getting tired of kayak fishing and not catching much. Maybe I'm focused on work since it's so busy. Maybe I'm leaning more on playing dart since we're currently in first place and I don't want to blow being on top? Dunno. I just know I just wasn't in the mood to get up so early to go fishing. I mean it's Saturday or Sunday. Who the heck wakes up early on the weekends? Not me. so I guess I'm not the early bird that gets the worm.

Been thinking of the kiddos lately too. Wondering if they are being good and how they are doing. I know I know. I'm wasting my life and my time thinking about them. I'm not perfect. I slip up from time-to-time.

My dating thing is not all that exciting. I think there are two women that shows interest in me. Eh, I see them more as friends so I think that's as far as they'll be. Nothing wrong with more friends though. Not complaining but it's not what I expected when I joined this online dating thing a few months ago.

Well, I'll try to go to bed. Got a full day at work tomorrow.