Experienced Life
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2017-05-01 23:03:27 (UTC)

Dart league

Gotta love it. I'm in a dart league. We kicked butt tonight. Such a nice way to runaway from life for just a few moments. Those days when winning mean all. Win win win. That of course was before I learned about the drama in life. So now, my fire and desire to win is still there but with a face or reality added into it.

I remember that I was the up and coming dart guy. People feared my team and would lose just because of the fear of playing with us. Well, those days are gone. After my little tragedy with divorce and all the crap that comes with it, the fire and desire to win is gone. Sure, there are little flames that are rekindled but the "win at all cost" scenario no longer is in my blood. Strange how divorce really can kill a part of the soul. Oh well. Tonight was a good night. Even though I'm not what I used to be, I still had enough of me to kick butt. Love this game :)

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