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2017-04-28 23:38:32 (UTC)


Went out with date #6. Shocked she was one of the only ones that offered to pay for her lunch. 33$ tab. I let her pay 10 and I put the other 30 for a 7$ tip. Her name was Debbie. I better start naming my dates on here before I forget. She was sort of tied to her phone though so I thought that was a little not kosher. I'm on my phone a lot too but I don't pick it up when I'm on any dates so far.

She asked a lot of questions that were borderline too personal on the first date. In fact, I felt like I was being a little interrogating. Dang!! Some women just want to know every little thing about you. Forget the small talk I guess. She was older too. She did say she was looking for a younger man. Well, this is still a man's world like it or not and society doesn't work that way. I mean if she was hot, then sure... I'd kiss her butt. However, she was not ugly but she was looking her age. Not even a hint of being attracted.

She even talked about work. Really? This is how she wants to wow me? I mean, sure you can talk a little about what you do but giving me your resume and talking about day-to-day work does not turn me on or attract me at all.

I don't think there will be a second date with this one. She can be a friend though. I have no intentions nor do I want to get intimate with her ever. I want someone that is a little more happy and positive. This date was not a bitch session about you work . sorry.