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me and my life
2017-04-28 16:29:30 (UTC)


In this whole world i hate my father the most. This kind of hatred is never ending. This is not destroying him but me. He is heartless, and the most cruel person who never think, love and care about anyone. God is unfair that he is so fair with him. I will believe karma when I see what karma has for hi. And what he has for myself mom.
My mom life is total waste. She has invested her whole life , her whole energy , her every minute for us for him which is waste. Being nice to someone and doing so much for someone without any expectations is something beyond great. I want to see what god has for her. I just want to see. This man has to suffer, suffer like he should remember n realise how bad he was his whole lifetime.
I know every thing has an end so will his be too. I wish rotting death for him where even i should pity but cannot do anything g as now I cannot do anything when he is so bad to the person who means world to me. That time I'll b satisfied n my soul will n then shall I believe in karma and god.
Some things in this world needs long patience. N that long patience needs justice. M really waiting for the time to change.
Hectic schedule.