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2017-04-28 09:48:07 (UTC)

Structure, knowledge and others...

I recognise my current season. I thank God for the generosity of my friend which will hopefully sustain me for another month or 2. I have some financial worries as i have to pay my rent and make a repayment back in may. Beyond that there are the school fees of the children then the almighty issues with the Tax man.
When I look back at my life for the last 15 years I only have myself to blame. I have been very lackadaisical in many areas of my life especially finance. There are other areas in my life as well that when I look back was abysmal. I thank God that i have the chance to put all these right. While I am building up my knowledge as a Business Analyst and seeking employment I am also working on myself to become more structured and really understand situation and enrich myself with knowledge and understanding. The BA skills I am learning can be applied to me. If I am a country I will be categorised as a failed state. If I am a company I would have filed for bankruptcy by now. I truly am to blame for my current predicaments. I have to have a Mission. The set objectives and goals based on this mission. This would then create a framework for the projects and tasks and daily routines I do as everything as to align with my strategy and overall mission. This is how to live a structured life. It is such a shame that it has taken me so long to appreciate this but i am also thankful that I can now at least start living like this before it is too late. I think I am just at the edge of the cliff and I would have fallen off quite dramatically.

The bible passage I read today was very apt (Proverbs 20:1-15).
“An angry king is like a growling Lion” – for me this means that in any situation i am in or dealing with it is essential that I recognise the key stakeholder and quickly plan my strategy of dealing with him/her.
“It is very easy to get into a fight, the wise one stays out of it” – Fight is for the weak is how i see this. I need to have mental strength and self beliefs to pursue what I believe are right and ignore anything that adds no value to my ambitions.
“It is stupid to get drunk” – it is all on the tin
“A famer too lazy to plough his land at the right time will have nothing to harvest” – There is always something to learn that we can use later. The knowledge and skills required to do our job especially. We need to invest time in this. This will be what will separate you from your pair.
“A person’s thoughts her like water in a deep well, it is the person with insight that will draw the water” – for me this means have a good understanding of the mechanism behind whatever you are dealing with. This will reap massive rewards
“If you know what you are talking about you have something more valuable than gold and jewels” – For me this means knowledge is power. It will be what defines you. Everything else can be taken away from you. Nobody, nobody can take what is in your head. Invest in knowledge; this is the most precious thing we can ever have. It will be what will define you.