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2017-04-27 10:58:40 (UTC)

Something New and Really Different

Hello. It has been a while since I have been on here. I have been through a lot since I last wrote. I will get into that at another time. But I guess I am doing good. There has been a lot to tell which I will later. Right now I would like to talk about the man i started seeing about 2 months ago. He is a great guy, with different outlooks then me, but still a great guy. He has 3 children. 2 of them live with there mother in Florida and he has the youngest. The youngest just turned 1 in April. She is adorable. The youngest has a different mother then the 2. The mother walked out of their lives when she was 2 months old. He has been raising her by himself ever since. But like i said he does have different outlook on things that i do.
I don't mind that he looks at things different then i do. But here is my question. He will only kiss me when we are having sex. He used to kiss me goodbye or say what i don't get a kiss goodbye. But now since he moved in with his brother he doesn't. So i asked him about it and he response to me was, " i don't kiss in public" his brother is not public. he will not kiss me hello or goodbye anymore. I have to say this kind of made me feel a little weird. So i asked him if he was ashamed of me or embarrassed of me and he told me no. He has told me that he is set in his old ways. Like how he grew up and asked me if I was ok with that. So i asked him, meaning what. he said, the woman does the womanly things in the house and the man does the manly things. I said no. that does not bother me at all. But i just don't understand why he will not kiss me in front of his brother. Is there anyone that can explain this to me? He doesn't sit next to me in his brother's house either. Like I said he is a wonderful and nice guy and we get along great, I guess i am just trying to figure this out to see where his head's at. Is it something i should be worried about. Any help and advice with this would be great.