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2017-04-05 18:09:12 (UTC)

Too much in life

Sometime it is too much in life. Everything comes too much. Had fight with v. We have been fighting from week pheww it scares me that our relation shud not fall even a level. He spoke somthing which was not acceptable. I donno he has some tension or so that he vent all anger on me. We have nit been talking since yest. We fought yest.
Apart from this appraisal which was going to happen next month has been postponed. This is making me crazy... Errrrr....... Making me go mad.
One thing i am finding with me recently is that m nit attentive at all. M just absent minded. I skip things my mind wanders everywhere m worried of this also trying to not hamper but my work is i donno wats wrong m not ok i guess.
Other problem is sis n her fight with priya den phewwww her talks wic always puts me in stress n other is mom n dad. Electricity bill 7000 i dont have to pay this house talk also makes me stress.
Today day was pathetic. All goofups n jumble my is jumbled up... God pls pay attention on me. Love u all..tcgn have to call v stupid man...