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2017-04-13 20:16:56 (UTC)

nocturnal animals

I watched nocturnal animals the other day. Great film, by tom ford, fantastic cast (almost). He managed to tell a story that seemed to stand still but was action filled at the same time. partly because he tells a story within a story and manages to make you really care about the fictional characters, and the way flip back and forth seamlessly. But jake gylennhall mannn. or however you spell his name. He's too good looking to be taken seriously when the scene requires it. and his voice. There's something perpetually adolescent about his voice that i cannot get over. Even during the scenes where he cries (because his family have been kidnapped and then murdered), I am not convinced by. When he cries it feels more like I'm watching a spoiled 15 year old boy who's just been told he's no longer getting the sports car his parents promised him. Michael shannon though. I can't get over him. He's a movie in and of himself. He gives it the intensity and that sprinkle of erraticness and absurdity that the film has - even though you'd imagine this quality would come from the boy that plays the kidnappers. Amy Adams gives the movie charisma. and jake gives it..well, I suppose his boyish handsomeness adds to the movie's sexy glossiness - and it probably wouldn't be recognisable as a tom ford flick without that. And he's also fitting for the role in the sense that he was what you'd describe as a 'weak' man in the film. annoyingly so too.