Nameless One

The Damaged Realm
2017-04-21 11:54:22 (UTC)

My Extreme Anxiety Disorder

Today when I walk onto the street, the amount of stress I feel is like a 9.6 magnitude earthquake that almost hits off the scale; such a strong emotion that cannot be relieved from within.

I was feeling entirely tongue-tied and extremely anxious, I immovably stare at the ground as others are passing by. I could feel the hot sweat of my face, and how I am blushing extremely bright red. It is not just a bit of sweat, but huge drops of sweat breaking out. Not daring to look at the faces of other people like I am dying, inwardly I beg myself to go home almost to a complete meltdown. I look so utterly embarrassing, and so tongue-tied that I cannot speak, because the extreme anxiety has stopped me from swallowing as my mouth is filled full of saliva. I have a phobia of getting out of home and meeting people.