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my submissive life
2017-04-20 05:47:14 (UTC)

Financial slavery

My Dom and Mistress have taken more and more control over my life. They have all my credit cards and bank account numbers and enjoy blackmailing me financially. Sometimes they just want my money. Other times they control my finances to control me.

Once they withdrew several thousand dollars from my savings account. They gave me one week to earn it back or lose it forever. To earn it back, I had to go to their house every single night. Each night, I had to walk behind their house where they had set up an elevate cage in their yard. At 10pm, I had to strip and enter the cage. There were 2 holes in the bottom of the cage for me to hang my tits. It was a small cage and I had to bend my legs up behind me in order to fit in the cage with my tits hanging out of the bottom. I had to remain there all night, until 6am. It was nearly impossible to sleep. After the first night, I begged them for mercy. They were unrelenting. The cage was never locked. I could leave any time I wanted. But there were motion detectors focused on the cage, which would have alerted them and I would have sacrificed all my money. I had to spend 7 consecutive nights miserable and exposed in the outdoor cage.

Frequently now when I am called over to be punished, I must bring a financial tribute or payment. If they decide it wasn’t enough, they simply transfer a larger amount from my account to theirs. When I get the electronic notification of the transfer, I am required to write them a long message, thanking them for correcting me and apologizing for being so cheap and pathetic. This has caused me to pay them larger and larger sums for each of my punishments.

When I complained to Mistress about the amount of money they were taking from me, she was not sympathetic. Instead, she strapped me to the spanking bench and told my Dom to go to work on my ass with the cane. She sat in front of me with her laptop open. Every time I cried out in pain, she made another purchase using my credit card. My Dom caned me nice and hard so that Mistress could enjoy her shopping spree at my expense. I went home with a blistered ass and $1,000 credit card bill.

Another day Mistress decided she wanted to cut all my hair off. I love my long locks and I desperately begged her to spare my hair. She agreed to spare me one inch of hair for $100, two inches for $200, etc. It was the most expensive haircut I ever got, never wanted, and sobbed over.

When I needed access to more of my money to get my car fixed, they made me suffer greatly in exchange for their generosity. In order to spend my own money, I had to humiliate and expose myself more than ever before. I had to take degrading pictures of myself and post them online. The pictures they demanded included: me as a pig – naked on my hands and knees with a pig-tail plug in my ass and nose-hook pulled tight to give me a snout; me laying on my back in the diaper position, legs in the air and spread wide revealing my cunt, while staring right at the camera with my mouth open like a whore; me licking my toilet and sucking my toilet plunger like a cock; and me with degrading names and words written all over my body in red lipstick. I had to post each of the pictures on a public site and under my real first name. I was desperate to get my car fixed and had no choice but to post the humiliating pictures.

They also enjoy playing games, especially since I’m the only one who ever loses; it’s just a question of how much. We play poker and any money they win from me they keep; any money I win gets paid in swats with the heavy wooden paddle. They turned me into a human dart board and took turns shooting me a BB gun. Each shot to hit my nipples cost me $50, tits - $20, ass, stomach, and thighs - $10. The had me stand alone in the corner for various durations and had me guess how long I was there for. Each minute off I was from the actual time cost me $10.

Sometimes they let me earn my money back with pain. Mistress’s new favorite thing to do is to “ruin” my tits. She lays them flat on a table and pounds them with a rubber mallet and meat tenderizer. She uses a rolling pin on them, tramples them under her feet, and beats them with her fists. She says her goal is to permanently damage them, leaving them sagging and shapeless. When I beg for my money back, she often makes me beg for her to ruin my tits in exchange. I can earn $100 back by subjecting myself to 30 minutes of her destroying my tits.

Another night I was turned into a whore, but only earned my own money. Dom and Mistress had a party. I had to crawl around begging the guests to fuck my ass, an activity I hate. For each person I got to fuck my ass, I earned $50 back. For each woman I endured fucking my ass with the extra-large strap-on, I earned $80. It was a humiliating and painful night. The guests were delighted to learn that I was degrading myself just to get paid with my own money.

Mistress loves to test me. Would I rather sleep in the cold, hard bathtub or pay $20 to sleep in my nice warm bed? What about paying $200? Would I rather fast for a day or pay $30 to eat? Would I rather spend an entire night standing in the corner, or pay $50 to be allowed to sleep? What about after multiple sleepless nights? Would I pay $300? Would I rather drive to work wearing my rubber pig-nose, or pay $40 to avoid the humiliation? Would I rather suffer the pain of wearing my large butt-plug to work for an entire day or pay $100? Often when I agree to the payment, she immediately raises the price. If I’m willing to pay $20 to wear a bra to work, surely I’d be willing to pay $40.

All I can do is beg and bargain. I have no power or control. I must spend all my free time, weekends and vacations, working as their slave just to earn my money back. If I don’t clean their house well enough, I am beaten and charged. A dirty wine glass cost me 30 lashes of the strap and $100. A poorly shined shoe cost me an hour riding the wooden pony and $150. I was able to reduce that to $75 by offering make the ride more painful by wearing ankle weights. I also had to ride the pony without any bondage and rely on willpower to keep me from supporting myself with my hands.

I never know when my Dom is serious about his sadistic tortures or is just mind-fucking me. He strapped me to chair, stood in front of me with a pair of pliers, and asked me how much I’d pay for him NOT to pull out one of my teeth. Next it was how much would I pay him not to burn one of my nipples off with a blowtorch. Next it was how much would I pay not to be force-fed a bowl of maggots.

Mistress keeps me on a very tight budget and monitors all my purchases. She punishes me severely if I spend money on anything she considers frivolous. Once she discovered that I bought a gallon of milk from a store when it was on sale for 13 cents cheaper elsewhere. Those 13 cents cost me $130 and 13 hours confined in a small cage.

Slowly, I am beginning to accept my place as a physical and financial slave. I cry less these days when Mistress engages in one of her tit ruination sessions, because I know there is no way to avoid having my tits ultimately destroyed by her. I still hate wearing diapers, but I rarely bother to beg or pay to be released from them. More nights than not I sleep in some sort of cage. I’m used to being hungry all the time. Most of my clothes are old, torn, and stained, but I rarely beg for money to buy new ones. I no longer cry when I’m ordered to push pins under my fingernails before starting my chores. I know that, one way or another, all my discretionary money will end up in their possession. It’s just a question of how much I will suffer before it happens. I am completely helpless. My purpose is only to suffer.